Why Choose Quartz Panels for Your Interior Design?

Versatility in Design
With more than fifty possible colour and pattern combinations, the Quartz panels are an affordable alternative to natural stone, wood or even concrete. This compatibility — and its color selection make quartz one of the best choices for a wide range of designs. Whether you want a modern, sleek kitchen or a luxurious bathroom full of patterns, quartz rises to the occasion.
Durability and Strength
Quartz – These counters are so strong that they have a reputation for being stain- and scratch-proof.

Quartz panels are made up about 93 percent natural (rest manufactured)quartz industrially manufactured with a polymer resin. This blend allows this part to be very strong in certain high impact areas.

Low Maintenance
Nonporous – Resistant to bacteria and viruses, ideal for healthier cooking. This means it is also hygienic for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Also, quartz does not have the periodic sealing natural stone requires, which means less maintenance and maintenance costs.
Consistency in Appearance
Quartz is a great alternative to natural stone, which can vary greatly from slab to slab in color and pattern; so your countertops are more likely to be uniform in both color and design. This maintains consistent layouts so the vision you signed off on will be what you get on site without the ambiguity of colour deviation or vein inconsistency.
Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
Quarrying process waste materials are used in the production of quartz panels, which can mean a reduced environmental footprint. In addition, manufacturers use post-consumer recycled materials such as glass and metal in their quartz which further solidifies its sustainable nature.
Whereas quartz may be more expensive up front than other material, its life expectancy and minimal maintenance requirements frequently amount to a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the product. An example is the elimination of periodic sealing or the use of only special cleaners which offers the reduction in the cost.
To Iearnwhere and H0W t0pr0perlydue this in your design project and to get the best in beauty and function with quartz panels(: paneles de cuarzo). This manual should lead you to the best install which results in being able to experience more of your investment.

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