How to Gift Spotify Premium?

Offering a Spotify Premium Gift Card is a kind way of giving the gift of no-strings-attached music, podcasts and a lot more to your near and dear ones. Assure your gift will actually be a hit with this step-by-step guide.

Which Spotify Premium Plan To Choose

There are several you can choose from, including an Individual Premium plan, a Duo, a Family, and also a Student plan. Each has a different features to cater to different user requirements. Individual plan costs $9.99 per month and includes ad-free music, offline listening, and on-demand playback The correct plan is based on the lifestyle and listening habits of your loved one.

How to Buy a Spotify Gift Card

Where Can You Get a Spotify Gift Card They are available in $10, $30, and $60 levels, which equate to one, three, and six months of the $10-a-month Spotify Premium subscription. Keep Freelancers Offshore Buy from Credible Retailers

Digital Gift Card Option

A Spotify gift card in digital form for an easy and fast gift. The headphones are available on Spotify's website, as well as through other authorized online retailers. To send them a digital gift card straight to their inbox, you will need the recipients email address.

Redeeming a Spotify Gift Card

How to redeem a spotify gift card

Open your browser, you open Spotify at the Spotify homepage and login as existing user. or signUp.

Go to the REDEEM page.

Register the card using the code, then click the check button.

Premium features are unlocked once the code has been activated.

Personalizing Your Gift

If they like music, make a playlist of songs you think they would like. Once they get a subscription, this playlists is loaded on their account and can be shared with them.

How to Gift Spotify Premium Without a Gift Card

Or, if gift cards are out of the question, set up a Spotify Premium subscription using the recipient's account details (with their approval) and your credit card. This involves their password information, meaning it should be treated as carefully and securely as possible.

Promotions and Discounts

Wait for Spotify promotions or deals on holidays or special occasions, where you can gift Spotify Premium at an even reduced price.

For more in-depth views of spotify premium click here.

Following these steps you will be able to gift spotify premium free of cost to your beloved: Don't forget to take into account the gift recipient's taste music bands and lifestyle to pick the best Premium plan familyitrust. It is a tribute to their talent and their music and it will offer them a lifetime full of music pleasure.

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